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They say home is where the heart is. While Kohl’s is strongly committed to thousands of communities nationwide, its Milwaukee-area roots will always remain a source of pride.

Starting in Milwaukee nearly 60 years ago, Kohl’s believes it’s important to help make a difference in this community and is excited to announce the Kohl’s Hometown Giving Program. This program offers grants ranging in $5,000 to $50,000 to eligible nonprofit organizations that are focused on addressing vital community needs in Milwaukee.

A few considerations when
completing the application:

Funding will focus on addressing health & wellness, social services, arts & culture, environmental sustainability, and more.

Funding is required to be used within and benefit those living in Milwaukee County.

The application period has closed.

Attention Applicants! All applications received are currently under review. You will be notified via email indicating whether or not your application has been approved no later than November 16, 2021.